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11.04.13 goes live!

In 2008 Innovative Graphics re-branded Hawksland Associates who are aerospace and defence consultants, providing business development, operational and technical support services to aerospace, defence and security businesses.

At that time we designed a web site for them too that reflected the brand we had created. The site performed very well but over the years website technology moved on, and the pressure was on to create a new site that would perform better and be placed higher in the search engine rankings once again.

The site also contained an enormous amount of information and was therefore quite complicated. While we recognised the necessity of the large amount of information we thought the site had become visually daunting to read and set about trying to convince the client to go for a simpler looking site with bite sized amounts of text. In this way we could create a more impactful and colourful site that contained the same information but which drew the viewer into the site with greater ease (much in the way a newspaper captures attention with a short headline; a slightly longer subtitle and before you know it, you are absorbed in the body of the story).

In collaboration with our associates at WebOrchard we scoured the photolibraries for appropriate imagery and set about producing proposed layouts for the new website.

The success of the new site has relied, in no small part, to the client placing his trust in our judgement and in so doing has allowed the site to be more exciting, informative and easy to navigate.
The site can be viewed at

Innovative Graphics News

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